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Douglas Anderson Writers' Festival

The mission of the Douglas Anderson Writers’ Festival is to provide hands-on, craft oriented workshops with professional writers and scholars, furnishing an invaluable and affordable opportunity for the emerging young writers of our community. The overarching purpose of the project is to provide exposure to the diversity of writing in the literary professional world and also to provide students with time, space and encouragement to contemplate and practice the art of creative writing.


Our goal is the intersection of writers of all ages and from all parts of our community, with the added goal of opening up a dialogue in a supportive environment that can be personally stimulating and enlightening. We want students to learn more about literary writing, not just how to write something that sells. We want them to be inspired not only to write well but also to be critical consumers of the writing that is on the market. Ideally, students will be inspired to write and read with a heightened awareness of what makes for good writing — writing that survives the test of time.

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