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Entrance into the Douglas Anderson Creative Writing Department is by audition only. Before the audition, students must complete and submit an online application, submit and send via mail two recommendations from the student’s instructors familiar with their artistic progress, and send a copy of their most recent report card. 


When arriving to the interview, students should:

  • Bring a well-revised, typed portfolio of their work, written in at least two genres (e.g., fiction, poetry, essay). This portfolio will not be returned, and thus they should provide copies of the works and not original documents.

  • Have materials (e.g., pens and paper) to complete an on-demand writing prompt and a written reflection to a published work.

  • Be prepared for an interview to discuss who they are as a student and their interest in creative writing.

  • Additional information about Douglas Anderson (DA) and auditions can be found on the DA school website.  


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