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Creative Writing Course Offerings 

Our students participate in a wide range of writing-related courses meant to give them the best possible writing education. From journalism to advanced poetry, magazine publication to literary theory, each student comes away with an impressive repertoire and dynamic skill set.


Freshman Courses

Core Writing Course: Intro to Poetry
Core Writing Course: Intro to Fiction
Elements of Style
Speech & Oral Interpretation

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Sophomore Courses

Core Writing Course: Sophomore Poetry
Core Writing Course: Sophomore Fiction
Creative Nonfiction
Playwriting and/or Screenwriting


Junior & Senior Courses

Core Writing Course: Advanced Fiction
​Core Writing Course: Advanced Poetry
​Advanced Creative Non-Fiction
​Senior Thesis (Seniors only)
Magazine Production/Elan Staff
Newspaper Production/Artisan Staff
​Teaching Assistant & Research Intern (Seniors only)

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Academics at Douglas Anderson

The nurturing of each student's scholastic and artistic abilities is the hallmark of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. The school's faculty, with backgrounds and interests in the arts, employs a humanities approach. Many faculty members, including those in academic areas, are active professionals in the local arts community. Students will find a wide range of rigorous academic offerings including standard, honors, and exceptional education courses. A broad spectrum of Advanced Placement and dual-enrollment courses provide college credit.


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